Butter Sheet

Canary Butter Sheets are ‘better butter’ sheets because they are made from perhaps the finest butter in the world – New Zealand creamery butter.

They are standardized to a nominal melt point of 37°C but for other specific performance requirements, alternative melt point Butter Sheets are also available, as are a range of blended sheets.

There is a range of Butter Sheet sizes available including 900g, 1kg, and 2kg.

Our Butter Sheets are better because they are more pliable and can be used directly from the fridge. Best results are achieved between 4°C & 8°C.

They can be stored chilled or frozen and are available salted or unsalted.

Use our Butter Sheets to make better Croissants, Danish Pastries, and Puff Pastry or as convenient pre-weighed portions for general baking and cooking.

Butter Sheets are layered between HDPE film, enclosed in a plastic liner bag and an outer carton to ensure they remain better, for longer.